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How To Deal With Trolls

So you all know about that controversy with Ryan Perez, right? Where that Destructoid writer accidentally revealed himself as a sexist asshole on Twitter by calling Felicia Day a “glorified booth babe” and then lost his job and became vilified? Well when that happened it reminded me that I still needed to watch Felicia’s show The Guild.

I watched one episode and got instantly hooked. I watched all five seasons in one night, and in the few days afterward I watched behind the scenes footage, read the annotations, and watched loads of content on her new channel Geek & Sundry. I think it’s safe to say I’m a fan of her work.

As it turns out, Geek & Sundry had a panel at Vidcon 2012, and one of the questions they answered involved how to deal with troll commenters.

I like what they all had to say, but I thought Felicia’s answer in particular was very insightful and heartwarming.

I hadn’t thought of it before, but she’s absolutely right to say that creating and sharing content on the Internet puts you in a vulnerable position. You’re putting your own creative skills on display and opening the door to criticisms and insults. And speaking as someone who can be very thin-skinned, I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who can get really hurt from some of those nasty comments.

If you create and share content online or are planning to, I highly suggest you watch the video. It’s enlightening. And it’s only, like, five minutes long.